radio Field Type

Creates a single radio button. This should always be used for a field that has a Boolean value: if the radio button is selected, the field will be set to true, if the button is not selected, the value will be set to false.

The radio type isn’t usually used directly. More commonly it’s used internally by other types such as choice. If you want to have a Boolean field, use checkbox.

Rendered as input text field
Inherited options
Parent type field
Class Symfony\Component\Form\Extension\Core\Type\RadioType

Field Options


type: mixed default: 1

The value that’s actually used as the value for the radio button. This does not affect the value that’s set on your object.

Inherited Options

These options inherit from the field type:


type: Boolean default: true

If true, an HTML5 required attribute will be rendered. The corresponding label will also render with a required class.

This is superficial and independent from validation. At best, if you let Symfony guess your field type, then the value of this option will be guessed from your validation information.


type: string default: The label is “guessed” from the field name

Sets the label that will be used when rendering the field. The label can also be directly set inside the template:

{{ render_label(, 'Your name') }}


type: Boolean default: false

If this option is true, the field will be rendered with the disabled attribute so that the field is not editable.


type: Boolean default: false

If true, any errors for this field will be passed to the parent field or form. For example, if set to true on a normal field, any errors for that field will be attached to the main form, not to the specific field.



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